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Why buy land in South West Florida

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Why Buy Land In South West Florida


We first started selling overseas properties over 15 years ago and have now sold houses, land and apartments in over 30 different countries and lived in seven.  Over that time we’ve been educated in a number of different types of property investment, the two main areas and the most popular, are buying cheap in an emerging market with a view to the economy and property market going through a phase of relatively quick expansion or buying in a distressed market, that’s now on the road to recovery.


So, the land lots we are selling in Florida fall into the second category.


Around ten years ago, Florida and indeed the whole of the US went through one of its worst financial crashes in its history, and prior to this, many counties in Florida had already been ‘Zoned’ into residential building lots, see pic below



Now the majority of these lots were bought and owned by large property developers or land owners, buying on finance (as was the norm in the US at the time) with a view to developing them at a later date, following on from exactly what areas like Orlando and Miami had done so successfully in the past, however, the ‘credit crunch’ then hit the US hard, and Florida was hit even harder than most.  So you are left with situation whereby developers and private owners can no longer afford the loans they took out to buy the lots or build the developments they had planned, so the banks had no choice but to step in a re-possess these assets.


This means the banks are now sat on literally thousands of lots, without a clue what to do with them, banks lend money and make profits from interest rates, so it’s not in their interest to sit on so many tangible assets.


Now during this time, a number of cash rich investors, with the idea that Florida ALWAYS recovers, went along to the banks and started buying the lots back for next to nothing, the banks were happy to clear their books and these savvy investors, happy to spend a bit of cash and sit back for a few years, secured themselves some pretty nifty deals.


So that leads us to a stage whereby these land owners, are selling off the lots they bought, making a sizable profit as they do so (due to the minuscule prices they originally paid) but still way, way, way below the current markets high of 11/12 years ago, the majority of the lots we are selling around Charlotte and Lee Counties, have historical values of between $25,000-$35,000, and there is nothing to suggest they won’t reach these values again and then continue to rise after that.  Let’s not forget, love or hate Trump, the guy knows he’s real estate, and it’s a fact that the USA currently has its lowest unemployment rate in 58 years and its strongest economy in 20 years, so things are on the rise again.


So, it doesn’t take a genius to realise that these lots WILL increase in value as things continue to boom.


Another little snippet of just how exciting this area is and what I believe is stone cold concrete proof of this areas potential, is the new Sunseeker Super Resort in Port Charlotte, literally 5-10 minutes from the majority of our lots, this is a $600,000,000 resort, being built by Allegient Airlines, one of Americas biggest low cost airlines.  Now blue-chip companies DO NOT build $600,000,000 resorts in areas that they are not 100% sure are going to develop into something special and you can see the resort for yourself on the following link


So a few bits about owning land there, the only on-going costs are land taxes, in south west Florida, they have some of the lowest land taxes in the whole of the US, and you would pay between $150-$250, this is the only ongoing cost you would have to incur and is easily paid annually through the government website.

There are no time frames on when or even if you build, all lots have residential planning permission for single family properties, no foreign ownership rules (unless you reside in a country with links to ISIS) and all closings are done via a licensed US title company, who work un government jurisdiction, who will also issue you with freehold titles deeds and title insurance upon closing of your lots.


So all in all, we believe you will find hard to find such an affordable, low risk property/land investment with the potential to double, treble or quadruple in value, anywhere in the world at present, which is why our lots sell so quickly and the majority of our buyers come back for more.

Worst case scenario, you are still left with a low cost, tangible asset you can use yourself, with no debt, completely freehold and easily transferable to loved ones.


So to grab yourself a bargain, click on the following link

Florida property- Redland Property Group

Orlando, Florida – Hotel Investment – 10% NETT Yields

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We are very happy to announce that we have now teamed up with one of the leading hotel operators in Orlando, Florida, to offer our clients a tremendous hands off investment opportunity in one of the best buy to let markets on earth, 10 minutes from Disneyland.

Investors earn 8% Guaranteed NET Rental yields per annum. Buyers can also take advantage of 4 weeks personal usage per year, or rent it privately to boost their yield even higher.

With full room prices starting from just £53,000

Request Full Project Details

Land investments- Redland Property Group

South West Florida Land Lots From Just $22,995 Total Cost

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  • Purchase from just $22,995 per lot
  • Freehold Title Deeds
  • Large Capital Growth
  • Residential Planning Permission
  • All Lots Are Minimum 7500 – 20,000 SQFT


The plots are situated in the Heart of South West Florida, one of the fastest growing areas in the whole of the USA. With direct access to local schools and amenities, the plots are ready to be built on and has all services available, ie. Water, electricity, water and sewage. The area also has phone lines and internet connections available.

All of our plots come with full residential planning permission for single family properties, however, there are no time frames on when or if to build on the lots.

All lots come with full title insurance and all funds are sent directly to the US title companies Escrow account (copies of their license available on request) who have worked under government license for over 28 years.

There are no restrictions on foreign ownership and discounts can be discussed on multiple purchases. You can also buy from the comfort of your own home, so no need to travel.

If you are looking for your own little piece of Florida, for either your dream home abroad or want to ability to double your money in the coming years, with extremely limited risk, then this is the deal for you.

The Redland Property Group have exclusive contracts with some of Florida’s largest private land owners, until recently we simply supplied the local agents and developers, however, as we continue to grow, we are now in a position to offer the same deals and prices to private investors here in Europe and beyond.

There are no hidden fees, the price you see is the price you pay, there is a $1200 closing fee which includes full freehold title insurance.

We have many lots available so please inquire as our availability is changing on a daily basis

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Sunseeker Resort- Redland Property Group

Charlotte County welcomes Allegiant Sunseeker Resort

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The $600 million project will create the tallest buildings in the county. The company promises 500 full-time jobs.

CHARLOTTE COUNTY — The only thing missing at the groundbreaking for Allegiant Travel Co.’s $600 million Sunseeker Resort was the sun.

Under a light mist Wednesday morning, company and county officials dug ceremonial golden shovels in the sandy soil along Charlotte Harbor to signal the start of construction on the company’s first full-service resort.

Phase 1 of the project is expected to add 510 resort hotel rooms and 180 one-, two- and three-bedroom extended stay units in three nine-story waterfront towers. Sunseeker Resort will also feature 17 restaurants, bars and cafes and a harbor walk along the 22-acre property.

“It’s not only Charlotte Harbor but it’s the entire community that’s going to benefit from this,” said County Commission Chairman Ken Doherty, noting that a redevelopment district paved the way in 2005 for a project of this scope and size.

Sunseeker will have the tallest buildings in the county and will tower over the mostly residential and business area on both sides of U.S. 41 near the foot of the Punta Gorda bridge. The resort will dramatically alter the skyline along the Port Charlotte side of the harbor, which is a nationally protected estuary.

Allegiant promised to bring 500 full-time jobs once Sunseeker opens in the fall of 2020, mostly in the hospitality industry and service sector to staff the restaurants, hotels and retail development along the waterfront. Company officials said they are working with area schools and colleges to fill a demand for workers.

Allegiant Airlines’ investment in Charlotte County has already paid huge dividends, as the airline’s expanding operations allowed the Punta Gorda Airport to set a traffic record of 1.58 million passengers in 2018.

“It’s a big step, but the investment is going to be worth it,” John Redmond, Allegiant Travel president, said at the groundbreaking.

Allegiant serves seven airports in Florida, bringing 8 million passengers to the Sunshine State. Allegiant also flies into St. Petersburg/Clearwater and just started operating out of Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport last year. It also flies into Orlando Sanford east of the Disney area.

Charlotte County continues to grow, albeit a little slower than neighboring Sarasota County to the north and Lee County to the south. The county’s population grew 13.8 percent to 182,000 in 2017, up from 160,000 in 2010, according to Census Bureau estimates.

Company officials said they were faced with a lack of familiarity with the Charlotte County area when they searched for funding, getting some familiar questions: Punta Where? Port What?

“It’s part of the DNA of what we do,” said Redmond, who is a former MGM Grand official. “We have never done the obvious in our history. That’s what makes us so successful. This will be the most successful non-gaming hotel anywhere.”

Initially, Sunseeker was announced as 720 condominiums and a smaller 75-room hotel but Allegiant officials changed the mix of the project to hotel and long-term rentals after researching the market, according to a Herald-Tribune report in October 2018. A proposed 1,000-foot-long resort pool is on hold, and three acres adjacent to Sunseeker may be developed in future stages.

The waterfront hotel rooms are expected to start at $175 a night, with “Sunsuites” renting from $249 to $499 a night, according to a kiosk in the resort’s new welcome center along U.S. 41.

The Sunseeker development is less than a mile from downtown Punta Gorda, which has experienced a revival in recent years by adding several full-service hotels and numerous restaurants and bars in the waterfront city.

The city of Punta Gorda has rebounded beautifully after being decimated by Category 4 Hurricane Charley in August 2004. The city also hopes to be a partner with the resort, providing amenities and attractions for Sunseeker’s guests.

“I think this is a wonderful addition to Charlotte County,” said Patti Allen, general manager of Fishermen’s Village across the harbor in Punta Gorda. “I believe that it’s really going to put Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte on the map.”


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