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Find Overseas Property for Sale

Investing in overseas property is indeed a beneficial decision, provided the same is taken after due consideration of various factors.  The fact is told – it is one of your biggest investments decisions, financially and emotionally, not just that you need to know the practical on-the-ground rules and regulations, safety, and other aspects to be sure that your investment is not going to waste.

If you have the money to invest, foreign property investment is one of the best choices. But, it requires due diligence, careful planning, and most of all, ensuring that you pick the right international real estate agent to help you end-to-end from the beginning till the end. The agent can be one of your pillars of strength because there are so many nitty-gritty tasks when you make a property investment, and that too abroad. There are scouting trips, researching the country and the specific location, legalities, taxation, and more.

Cheap overseas property

When you go about scouting properties, you need to find the answers to a couple of questions. Some of the common questions have been listed here.

  1. Which are the most lucrative places overseas to buy an international property?

It is a basic question and a very challenging one. Since there are limitless options here, you should start the journey by asking yourself. What is the exact purpose of buying a property abroad? Do you wish to relocate there, or are you planning a holiday home? Will you put it up for lease and rentals, or are you looking at selling it after a year or so? Are you planning to retire there or buying it to gift to a loved one?

While conventionally, Europeans, especially Brits, seem to prefer investing in countries like Spain, France, Italy, Greece, and Portugal, nowadays, there are many other emerging markets for real estate investments. Foremost amongst them are Montenegro, and Cyprus in Europe, and Dubai and Thailand in Asia. There is Georgia and Florida in the US too.

Consider your options properly before investing. As mentioned taking the help of an established international realtor can be a big asset because of their knowledge of the markets abroad.

  1. Which are the cheapest places to buy overseas properties?

The emerging markets are the best places to invest, especially if you are looking for cheap real estate options. These are the markets that have just about started to open up, and therefore the rates are better and economical. Markets like Montenegro and Cyprus are typically known for being tourist hotspots, and the market is not over-inflated, not as debt-ridden as other established economies, and many more such reasons.

  1. What about the stamp duties and capital gains tax?

Stamp duties apply even when you are buying a property abroad. Capital gains tax applies on an overseas property when an overseas asset is disposed of in the current taxation year.

There are very many questions and queries that come to mind. It is essential to seek answers to all the questions and research extensively before making the final decision. With the caliber and expertise of an international real estate agent, your work gets easier. When choosing an international agent, it is important to research the credibility of the realtor.

You can read reviews online and refer to scores provided by independent review sites in your region. For example, Trustpilot is one of the most trusted review websites in the real estate sector in the UK. Similarly, you can research online for reviews of international travel agents for the region where you are located or seek to invest.

Overseas buy to let

If you are planning to buy overseas properties and let them on lease or rent, you need to remember few things:

  • You need to know and be very clear about the rental laws in a specific country. For example, in many countries, Short-term rentals are not permitted.
  • You need to consider accessible location, sound infrastructure, and amenities in the local area, understand the holiday season, and more before a decision is made.
  • To find tenants, you will need to take the help of established realtors, but you need to pay their fees. Take that into account.
  • In most countries, there will be tax applicable on the rent you earn.

Also, tenants will expect certain standards from the property –so, you need regular maintenance, cleaning, etc., to maintain the property.

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