Meet Our SENIOR Agents


Shola Remzi

I have been in the consulting industry for 15 years. My work ethos is to constantly gain more knowledge in order to better myself, offer more to my clients and to be contactable at all times. I worked my way up the ladder in various roles within the consulting industry. I have many years’ of experience working in customer service roles previously and I bringthis passion. I believe in the importance of getting to know my clients and creating a friendly, informal approach to each interaction. Now as a consultant to my clients in real estates, I understand that buying a home/investment can be complex and deeply personal. There is also a lot at stake financially and personally. This perspective on the process and the responsibility felt towards my clients drives me to truly be an expert at the job. I understand the market, the players and all the variables involved in a real estate transaction. I want to make sure you feel supported and that you have a trusted advisor by your side. My goal is to help my clients build a property portfolio that will be firing on all cylinder, weather you are buying it for personal use or as an investment.

Travis Almond

Travis Almond

I have been in property investment since the tender age of 17, since then I have gone through many paths in life including personal training, reality TV and acting. Since then i have dived back into the role that not only do I thoroughly enjoy, but have gained a lot of experience in doing so for my own property portfolio which I plan to expand in many countries. My role is to help you build a property portfolio of your own, so let's work together and make your dream a reality.


Richard Callinan

After many years of working in Investment Banking and Human Resources, the real estate investment market has proved to be a very natural fit for my skills and interests. I have been involved in the sector since its early days in the late 1990’s and it has been a pleasure to grow along with the sophistication and client progression over that period of time. Having been involved in off plan and completed real estate projects in more than 20 countries it has been my pleasure to deal with a range of client requirements ranging from purchasing for residency to acquiring land in order to build and deliver residential and commercial projects. This background ideally suits me to the description ‘Property Expert’ and it has always been a pleasure to consult with potential investors regarding the suitability and availability of capital and yield generating assets in a variety of sectors. I look forward to many more years of providing consulting services and advice to investor clients and developers from a wide range of areas and delivering the results that they expect.